Functional Integrated Needling – A Biomedical Approach takes the best of various dry needling modalities and combines them with key lessons and findings derived from Dr. Scappaticci, and Dr. Yun-tao Ma’s combined 60 years of clinical and research experience in the management and treatment of chronic pain and sports injuries.  View the Top Reasons for using Functional Integrated Needling (FIN).
Training In Functional Integrated Needling for Pain Management
Dr. Scappaticci, founder of the FIT Institute, in association with Dr. Yun-tao Ma, the founder of the American Dry Needling Institute, has developed a unique, contemporary pain management Dry Needling System. Participation in this training will allow health care providers, without prior needling experience, to be able to safely and confidently insert needles for management of painful MSK conditions in all regions of the body.
Training In Functional Integrated Needling for Sports Injuries
Dr. Scappaticci uses his 20 years of clinical experience managing sports injuries for professional and Olympic athletes as the foundation for his FIN sports injury management system. Dr. Scappaticci has developed unique needling techniques to help manage complicated sports injuries. This program is designed for participants with prior needling experience or who have completed the FIN Pain Management Training. This program includes a review of Functional Biomechanics and includes integrated dry needling and soft tissue treatment techniques.
our approach is based on helping participants:
Develop an in-depth understanding of the interplay that soft tissue, joint biomechanics and nervous system function have with propagating pain;

Develop comfort and proficiency in the use of assessment tools and the application of the most advanced dry needling system to safely and effectively manage pain and dysfunction;

Be able to immediately apply these techniques to make dramatic improvements in the management of patients with MSK pain conditions and sports injuries.